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Dogs For Re-homing
in our kennels BUDDY


in our kennels MILLIE


in our kennels SHEBA


in our kennels SADIE


in our kennels SAMMI


in our kennels SCAMPI


in our kennels LUTHER


in our kennels COOPER

Lovely young Labrador cross Staff. He is approximately 1 year old and isn't doing so well in kennels. He loves to play ball/fetch and is always rearing to go! He's had no socialisation with other dogs so a small aggression problem occurs here. He pulls on the lead but does sit and wait. He can be a very vocal little fella.

in our kennels TESS


in our kennels GRACIE


in our kennels BAILEY
Young chap (3-4 years old) Who has a heart of gold! He pulls on the lead, but loves playing ball and when walking back he calms down, so far he doesn't seem keen on other dogs...
He has a brilliant temperament with people and loves the fuss! Staff cross Jack Russell....?

in our kennels LEAH

Female @ 2 years old. Good with other dogs, kids and cats. Has dominance issues which need addressing.

in our kennels BONNIE & CLYDE

2 delightful crossbreeds, to be rehomed together

in our kennels ASHLEY

Male @ 10 years old. This gorgeous boy was found tied to a bench, he is a proper lap dog who loves lounging around. This boy needs a sofa to call his own..... he is far too mature to be having to deal with kennel life.

in our kennels BENJI

Male, 18 months old. This boy needs a lot of patience as he needs to build his trust with humans. He is very bouncy and playful and knows basic commands. He needs a strong leader as given the chance will walk all over you. Hates visiting the vets !

in our kennels JESSIE

Rehomed by us , but returned for nipping children. She is a Collie Lab Cross, about 2 years old. This girl has some serious issues she is struggling to overcome. Spayed.


Updated: 20th SEPTEMBER 2013